Ensuring regional water
security through governance,
sustainability and best practice

06 September 2023
Senior Associate Environmental Consultant | AESG

Alicia Dauth

Alicia is a Senior Associate Environmental Consultant at AESG. She is an IEMA Full member and Chartered Environmentalist. With a Masters in Environmental Engineering and a certification in Water Risk Management, she comes with an international set of environmental credentials and work experience throughout the US, Africa, and Middle East, providing clients with instrumental environmental consultancy and water quality monitoring services. Alicia supported international embassies and NGO’s in Southern Africa with raising awareness for improving the sustainability agenda throughout the region. She has engaged with multiple stakeholders to unlock sustainable management and feasibility practices to achieve cost effective solutions within Zimbabwe.

Alicia has been involved with the design and implementation of a working geodatabase to spatially record and highlight environmental discrepancies. This enabled quicker response for remediation practices throughout the Northern region of Kuwait. She managed a robust water management system within remote environments ensuring safe water distribution, storage, and disposal through bioremediation applications in Hwange National Parks, Africa.

Her working knowledge includes water and soil monitoring for a variety of site development activities specifically for contaminated lands. Her involvement with site remediation of contaminated soils and groundwater, challenged her to operate in complex environmental situations while reporting to California regulatory bodies.